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To bridge the gap for homeless, at-risk, and transitioning veterans by connecting them to the full continuum of resources and support available to them including vet to vet programs, housing placements, employment opportunities, recreational activities, and other essential human services while ensuring that there is a cohesive strategic plan for the delivery of the relevant services through community collaborations.

To create a systemic solution to veteran homelessness and veteran suicides through a community collaborative model of grassroots community process management, community empowerment, and veteran peer support relationships.


Veteran’s Home Front (VHF) is a Virginia-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization established with the aim of organizing a positive, enriching environment that will lead to an improved quality of life for homeless, at-risk, and transitioning veterans in Hampton Roads, Virginia and beyond. The organization’s initiatives, through partnerships with local churches and organizations, are implemented by a team of passionate volunteers, connects the veterans with the necessary resources and support with the core goals being:

       ●  To end veteran homelessness.

       ●  To reduce the number of veteran suicides.

       ●  To create a collaborative, supportive, embracing community ready to accept the homeless and hurting veterans during their life transitions.

Homelessness in Hampton Roads has over the years become a serious problem both socially and economically. With the high number of organizations that cater to the needs of homeless people, the situation has not improved as it should mainly because the homeless are not informed of the organization's’ existence and the organizations are not able to efficiently deliver their services to achieve long term outcomes. Homelessness can be brought out by natural disasters, job loss, eviction, divorce, domestic violence, mental illness, medical bills, or most often as a result of substance abuse.


VHF was initiated by Antione Hines, a decorated veteran and social entrepreneur who was honorably discharged after a distinguished ten-year career as a Submarine Nuclear Electrician. As a decorated yet unemployed veteran, he came home to a community unprepared to meet his needs which inspired him to make a difference by spending three years volunteering with the City of Chesapeake in various departments, completing two national fellowships and going back to college. The experience equipped him with the knowledge and experience he needed to engage more in the fight against homelessness, especially veteran related homelessness. While attempting to assist others, Antione had his own personal experience of homelessness, suicidal thoughts and numerous other life transitions after serving his country that he was not prepared for or had support had any one on one support to help him. Antione is currently seeking funding to scale VHF’s activities all over Hamptons Road in order to ensure positive outcomes for more Veteran’s in need.

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We help save and improves the lives of veterans through ending homelessness, reducing the number of suicides and supporting our Veteran and Military population thru any of their life transitions.
We facilitate, coordinate and navigate Veterans out of homelessness and away from suicide.

Image by Raúl Nájera


Bridging the gaps and connecting the dots for Veterans and Communities in new ways.

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