Our programs

Homeless Intervention and Street Outreach Navigation

This takes place every Saturday morning at the Chesapeake Big Box store parking lot where VHF and its team of volunteers provide food, toiletries, snacks and resources to those living out of their cars, trucks or minivans. The items are provided on rotation by churches and organizations. They also provide the car bound homeless individuals and families with nourishment for the body, mind and soul through devotional, prayers and motivational talks.

Veteran, Military and Spouse(VMS) Community Networking & Collaborations

This connects veterans to community agencies locally and nationally to better their lives holistically.

Battle Buddy Bridge Veteran, Military and Spouse (VMS) Peer Development

This connects veterans to other veterans through socials, community service projects, and mutual life events

Veteran and Military Faith-Based Initiatives

This connects veterans and active duty military who return back to their local faith based organizations to have Veterans & Military ministries. Support group, resource group and direct connections to those that transitioned successfully and possess the same faith connection.


HomeFront Housing Initiatives

This connects homeless, at risk and transitioning veterans with organizations that have vet to vet programs for reintegration and housing placement.

Health & Wellness Initiatives

This connects veterans to events and training’s such as life building training’s, fitness classes, 5K’s and motivational seminars that will help them better their lives continuously forward.

Black and African American Veterans Equity & Empowerment

  • Connects transitioning Black Veterans, Military and Spouses(VM&S) to Black community organizations 

  • Connects Black VM&S to financial, entrepreneurial, and wealth-building organizations and strategies

  • Connects Black VM&S to training, meetings, and networking opportunities with other African Americans

  • Facilitate opportunities toward equitable and inclusive ways to feel empowered mentally, physically, spiritually, and historically. 

  • This is all facilitated through our partnership with Black Systemic Equity Project Inc. 

Workforce Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship Intitiatves

This connects veterans and warriors with career assistance, such as resume writing and job placement.

Medical Marijuana Veteran Education & Advocacy

  • Dedicated to improving Veterans quality of lives through medical marijuana

  • Advocating on behalf of veterans access to medical marijuana 

  • Educating policymakers and the public about the value of medical marijuana to veterans to eliminate the stigma

  • Supporting Veterans with the resources they need to understand the value of medical marijuana and know their rights while arming them with the tools of educations, advocacy, and social equity

  • This is all facilitated through our partnership with Minorities For Medical Marijuana and Veterans Cannabis Project